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what next

Postby Basil » Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:25 pm

my son is 16 hes in foster care under section 20, was supossed to be for six months, well its now 15 months later. and hes still in care. ss make the rules up as they go along. you never get told anything unless they want you to sign something. complain to them and they make your life hell. they put me under so much presure to sign for my son to go into care, i even had a heart attack, and as they said that was my fault for not signing in the first place and caused that myself. i dont see my son now. they broke my family up. if i complain they have told me i will loose my other children. my son has mood swings and smashes things has done since he was small, now hes in foster care hes given everything he wants so that he doesnt kick off. and when hes 18 he will either come back to me or they get him a flat and hes then on his own. my son doesnt go out unless he is taken, as he said to me why walk when ss pay for a taxi. its so wrong.

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