Tall about so corrupt

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Tall about so corrupt

Post by Justice » Sun Dec 22, 2019 8:18 pm

Hi. My situation just gets more unbelievable and now iam really angry. Not only did my Mum pass away and it was so quick. One minute they can get the cancer under control and then she's bed ridden. I still carnt believe any of this. The social worker wouldn't le rmy kids go and see their nanna in hospital. These people are seriously the most the most cold hearted evil people I've ever known. Now I've discovered my kids and me are on the child protection register and iam horrified at all of these professionals not helping knowing my youngest especially isn't safe in that awful home. Even the Jugdes were told and agreed he shouldnt be there. Solicitors think iam daft and let things slide then they think the last ones are getting 7000 from the house. Not on my life after not doing everything. My poor Mum and these low life's have said to my kids iam mental! If I cry iam mental no I don't think so. I've just lost my Mum, my kids have been robbed, I find loads more of lies and iam going to be doing cartwheels. They really do think iam some idot. Not one thing from the start has been legal about any of this and it seems most of the solicitors are all controlled as well. The courts said appeal and I definitely am but that's not enough what these people have done. And they know iam on my own with no one and no support and it's all done knowing what there doing. Iam really angry my kids are goinfg to miss another Christmas at home and the first one with our my Mum. I'll cry as much as I like if I didn't that would be more mental I'd say. How can they get away with destroying and helping my Mum pass quicker because they made her so low she had no fight left. How do they sleep at night knowing there not thinking about my kids and that is their job! They are hacking me and have for loads of private information and how dare they. They just think ill walk away and that's just not possible now. All these tests the goverment are doing with the 5 year plan a bit of honesty wouldn't have gone a miss, not like I could stop anthing. But I will now xxx

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Re: Tall about so corrupt

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Dec 23, 2019 3:54 pm

Dear Justice,

Thank you for posting on the Parents Forum again.
I am so sorry to hear that your Mum has passed away so quickly. What a shock this must be to you and so soon after the court proceedings about your children.
I am sorry that your children were not able to see your mum while she was in hospital before she passed away. I can see how distressing this is to you.
Ask the social worker to explain why she made that decision. Did she discuss her decision with you?

I don't know whether you want to get any bereavement support at this time. if you feel it would be helpful to you, you could contact a specialist bereavement service such as Cruse.

It looks like children services have a care order, is that right? Here is information about care orders.

You say you and your children are on child protection plans? Check with the social worker whether that is the case. You would have been invited to a child protection meeting and would know when there is a child protection plan. Child protections plans would not normally be put in place when children are in care.
When children are in care a child in care or ” looked after children” (LAC) review meeting takes place regularly so that decisions can be reviewed about your children. See here for information about lac meetings.

I am also very sorry to hear that you are not seeing your children at Christmas. What are the contact plans? Ask that they are set down in writing. Or speak to the IRO about contact.

Here is information about contact.

I have only touched on some of the things you mentioned in your post. If you have any questions, please post again or call our advice line on 0808 801 0366.
Best wishes,

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