I am scared

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I am scared

Post by Leahnhope » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:15 pm

I spoke to an frg adviser several months ago and following the advice began process to discharge care order for my children. So far everything has held up in my favour. The final thing was a psych assessment. It came back but I am not sure if it helps me at all. It basically is a repeat of first one that was done during care proceedings years ago. Says my past makes abuse likely and I need to be monitored if kids returned. I spent years in therapy and there is no denying significant changes. I just don’t see how I can get my kids back now. The judge already displayed that he is not impartial and very pro ss. I am trying to be positive because all the recommendations made I have already done. SS want me to agree to a care order where the kids are placed with me however I don’t trust them. My lawyer agrees as my history with them shows they are hostile to me. The guardian I don’t know yet. I am trying to be ok with a co and hope they honour this one. But they don’t like me. Not even imaginary, they suggest I move to another LA. I am not a bad person. They have issues with me because I have a history of telling them when they are crossing the line. They don’t like being challenged and they keep trying to put me down because I have a mental health issue. I wish it was in my head but the fact that even the lawyers for the kids and guardian sees it and comments on it. How do I get the judge to give me a chance? I don’t want to appeal. I hate this whole court process and I am tired of fighting. Should I trust another LA SS to be fair?

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Re: I am scared

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:54 pm

Dear Leahnhope

Welcome to the parents’ discussion board and thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear that your children are currently in foster care. However, from what you say, you have clearly made great strides in terms of your therapy and are now in the process of applying to discharge the care orders for the children.

The main difficulty you are facing is that the new psychological assessment you’ve had restates some of the concerns from the past and recommends that your care of the children would need to be monitored. Children’s Service are proposing that this should happen by the children coming home to your care under a care order. You are concerned about this for a number of reasons which you have explained.

As you have a solicitor representing you, the best thing to do is to liaise closely with them, discuss all possibilities and provide them with your instructions. You could make it clear that your aim is to have the children home ideally without a court order but would be prepared to work with a care order if that was decided to be in the children’s best interest. Perhaps you could discuss with your solicitor whether the court could order that the care order be for a specified period of time after which it could be taken back to court to be discharged? Or is there any possibility of a supervision order as an alternative? At the end of the day the judge will make their decision based on the evidence from all the parties and what is in the children’s best interests.

You have been very proactive in working towards having your children returned home. If the children do come home to you under a care order it might help to know that there are a considerable number of children successfully living with a parent under care orders. I can understand how stressful this whole process can be and the determination and resilience that parents have to show to get through it.

With best wishes


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