Hope for others discharging a care order

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Hope for others discharging a care order

Post by Cat55555 » Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:02 pm

My journey isn’t complete just yet.

However I want to give others hope of what I’m doing at discharging a care order 6 months after it was made.

This is my personal opinion and experience so far.

Care order was made due to domestic violence and mental health at the time. The work ive done in 6 months is no longer a reason they can hold against me. Just conflict however conflict is only on the paternal side where my child resides with the grandparents.

Conflict is the only issue they are playing.

Took it back to court with my work 6 months after, still ongoing as delays in court. I represented myself and won my first hearing on what I want the judge took my side and went against cafcass, local authority and the 3 opposing paternal side and I managed to get the first day of a final hearing adjourned and stopped. Under grounds of unfairness being judged on a report a social worker has done without seeing me to do any reports. Social admit to cafcass their error. Judge agreed and put in notes to seek legal aid as I have a case. At 8 months my legal aid came through to be represented.

Was at court yesterday where the judge furiously shouted at the local authority and told them she did not care of what excuses or new stories they telling against me as they haven’t seen me. Kept stating you did the same in last proceedings now this one and your report is false and flawed.

I managed to keep all correspondence to and from local authority via email for evidence which backed me up.

The bar was set high to get an independent social worker. The judge agreed and she has made cafcass, local authority to pay for it. That is the next steps.

Cafcass changes their opinion on their original statement saying that was done off the back of the social worker and now wants to do a new report after the right assessment.

Hope to others not to worry about others opposing, cafcass or local authority. If you have done the work and have proof, medical letters and certificates. The judge can see this, not only does the judge see this they can see more than a substantial change that the local authority didn’t bother doing.

Judges to go against professionals!!

When a judge tells the local authority she wasn’t interested in anything else they had to say, or her words was “you could of called her 50k times and she doesn’t have to call you back once to do anything after seeing a care order was made last time on a flawed report” “she has a right not to trust you after last time” the judge kept referring it back to cafcass report of them crisising the local authority and of last year.

Everyone keep positive, if you have a care order follower everything and show proof. Judges do take your side remember that.

I will update once trial over in Oct. I’m hoping as I have the same judge gone in my favour twice and we have her for the trial I’m hoping I can give others good news and hope at discharging a care order.

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