"Left in the pool of perpetrators"

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Re: "Left in the pool of perpetrators"

Post by Humanist-91 » Tue May 14, 2019 6:23 pm

To answer your last question "What can I do to prove I am not a risk?" - That is the million dollar question when it comes to this topic that nobody in certainty can offer. The thing is anyone can be considered a potential risk, but certain things can build up and obviously have a detrimental effect, for example myself and the mother of my child both have a history of mental health and depression, this according to social workers increases the level of risk, but there is nothing we can do to undo the past so for us we're screwed.

If it helps any it sounds from my point of view that you have all the potential to be a great mother, you own your home which is a big thing nowadays, you have no debt, you have spilt with the ex who who say deliberately harmed your daughter. I know social workers and courts don't always work from common sense, but at least your daughter is in the family, unlike mine who is with complete strangers, from what you've told me you certainly have a better chance then I do or the mother does of getting your girl back, but still this system is not great or fair, just hang in there and bide time, I assume you get to call round your mum's and see her without risk of them knowing? So maybe in time the SS will just lose interest with you and you''ll get to spend more time with her.

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