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Why am I not being listened to. Please help.

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:02 pm
by saraheve29
HI my son is in foster care for over a year now. My 10 month daughter is on a supervision order soon ending in July.
I have made so many changes and have addressed all previous issues, yet social services for my son was not even made aware of the progress I've made.
I am kept away from all lac review meetings and receive the minutes always months later,
I feel full confident about meeting both of my children's needs and have proof of family support.
I am currently undergoing discharge care proceedings for my son.
Yet all of the drastic changes and improvements I've made my son's social worker has said theirs no plans of him coming home. And now he has reduced contact from monthly to Every 6 weeks.
I can't sleep and I'm in despair. Why after all the changes I've made they still cannot consider him coming home. And why am I allowed to be alone single parent of a 10 month baby yet not allowed to even be alonely with my 10 year old boy.
I'm confused and in greif, it hurts so much please may you advise me.

Re: Why am I not being listened to. Please help.

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:12 am
by M*y-m*y
Hi I am going through the same as you, not being listened to, not having questions answered, LA have done the same as what you gone through to me, all the agreements have changed, I rang the court and they have told me that I can withdraw the care order, ring the court nd explain your changes, go to your Solictor, I’m trying to get legal aid again, it’s not fare on what me and you have gone through, they are trying to stop me talking to my children, they lying to me saying my children are saying they don’t want to talk to me and now I have the careers being snappy, I have had contact face to face and telephone contact rejuiced, through no reason. Please for your son don’t give up, on him and ring the court and get advice from them, your baby will be safe cos the court will close it I’m got that as well with the ones I have at home, I know what your going through, it’s so awful, my Solictor is doing it in my youngest name because of the length of time it took for contact which for siblings isn’t good, I had the school against me as well as the LA, they terrified my children by telling them before it went to court that they were going in care, please keep strong for your baby nd your son. Good luck