Witch hunt!

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Witch hunt!

Postby Miserylovescompany2 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:08 pm

There is a HUGE back story. I am a single parent to three children 2,12 & 15. The older two have ASD's. 12yo autism/learning disability, 15yo Aspergers.

Both boys were accepted onto the disability team in 2011. My eldest accepted because he was the sibling of a child who met their criteria.

In 2013 I took my complaint against the disability team to the highest level without going through the complaints procedure. My family have been punished ever since in the form of greatly reduced services. To give context; both boys were allocated 26 nights overnight respite. Plus additional support in the holidays and term time on a Saturday. (Overnight was revoked in 2014 because I could not fund £2000 per year in taxi fares) a carers assessment was also requested. Never ever happened!

Both boys have complex needs. My eldest has missed out on 4 years of schooling. His last specialist placement was in 2014. He attempted to hang himself there. He was supposed to be 2 to 1 care. He was left unsupervised. I withdrew him from this school. He has a long history of low mood, self-harm and suicidal ideation. He also has serve behavioural issues.

My 12yo over the years has mimicked many of his older brothers behaviours including violence against myself.

My 15yo was discharged from the disability team months after my daughter was born. At that time he had no proper education and a long history of problematic behaviours. He had no MH involvement. (He was discharged from CAMHS 3 weeks after his suicide attempt at school) the reason given was that he didn't meet the criteria of the disability team in 2015. Later that year he posted on FB that he was intending to end his life. Section 47 looked at only him.

I started the complaints procedure. In the latter part of 2016. My complaint was blocked. Reason given a section 47 was in progress. My complaint was in relation to what had happened prior to this. I took on a solicitor who said he could help with my complaint. Most of the complaint was about SEND. I later found out my solicitor is not qualified in SEND law and should of stated this from the onset. Most of my legal aid has been used on this.

In the latter part of 2016 the behaviours of both boys had increased greatly. All three children were placed on a CPP. However, the level of respite that only one child was receiving never changed. We stood no chance. The condition of my home was focused on. Which didn't happen overnight. It was the culmination of years worth of reduced services. A intensive support worker was allocated then the worker left leaving a month long void with no service. Another worker was allocated at a greatly reduced level. She did none of the work she was supposed to do. The senior social worker left in May. His replacement officially started on the 29th for one day then went on annual leave for 2 weeks.

Fast forward to the 18th of June - my 12yo exploded into a violent rage which culminated in myself and eldest son receiving significant injuries in the form of nasty bites.

I knew if my 12yo exploded again someone would be seriously injured. I took him to the police station. Police took him into protective custody. Children's services claimed they had section 20 consent. They didn't. When the 72 hours were up I refused to sign the consent. I needed to know my son would receive the correct assessments and be kept safe. I was advised to not sign by my solicitor.

An interim court order was made. Children's services attained this by submitting a very shortened chronology. You could actually see where bits have been removed and retyped in a different font. Reports have been condensed to me misleading.

Now my 12yo is being pacified with a brand new mobile phone, endless unsupervised data and sky TV. He has his PSvita with him continuously at school.

Children's services are now blaming me for his past behaviours.

My solicitor has not used hardly any of the evidence I've given him.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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