Children's services admit they have made serious mistakes

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Children's services admit they have made serious mistakes

Postby ladyp » Fri May 19, 2017 7:48 am

Hi all
I had a meeting yesterday regarding my son they admitted they left him for 2 years with inappropriate carers they have treated myself and his siblings badly previous managers and social workers have now gone and new team in place (due to really bad Ofsted) and although I only have 3 supervised contacts a year they said they might take it back to court to get the care order removed. I did tell them I have asked the LGO to re-open my case and sent them a statement from children's services saying that when they took him it was a verbal agreement as there is no paperwork and I sent the LGO the paperwork I was forced to sign so fingers crossed it will still take a long time for him to come home but hopefully getting there.

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Re: Children's services admit they have made serious mistakes

Postby LB123 » Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:14 am

hi how do you go about getting the order returned as the childs guardian said 9-18months 3 years ago, she went due to emotional harm of the beatings i took, but on the night she was removed there was suspicion i was intoxicated or "away with the fairies" no test were done by a paramedic i kept saying ii wasnt well, 8 months later i was admitted on emergency of a full blown stroke which was brought on by stress but what the police thought was drunk or drugged was actually a mini stroke (t.i.a) and therefore im fighting my case but legal aid wont cover it to the point its at in the case, how do i go back to court? thanks and good luck x

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