How can i cope through this.

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Re: How can i cope through this.

Post by Minnie » Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:33 am


I have had my contact reduced from weekly to fortnightly as I'm destabilising their placement with their father. My feeling this is destabilising anyway. I'm not happy with the decision, I'm not sure how the girls are feeling with this. I would be interested how to work towards unsupervised contact as well. I'm getting legal advice on my contact and getting the children returned to my care.

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Re: How can i cope through this.

Post by Saraheve » Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:53 am

HI i really need some advice, my 9 year old son was taken into care due to depression i was unable to keep on top of housework, I was binge drinking on weekends and I was in a unhappy relationship with childs farther, since my son has been taken into care I have attended therapy, hired a cleaner, attended a parent recovery group, relapse prevention group and took parenting courses and the farther of my child has moved out.
I am 8 months pregnant due to give birth very soon, I was given a prebirth assessment that said social services will go to court if they see that babys needs are not being met, unborn baby is on child protection and on the plan it says the same, yet social services say they want to take me to court? I was told their is no present concerns and I have addressed all previous concerns yet they want to still take it to court based on pre historic. I have so much evidence of significant changes yet they want to keep me in hospital once baby is born and have a discharge planning meeting where they may take baby away. Have they got any grounds since I have made significant changes and their is no present concerns. I am very devastated please can somone advise me? Thanks.

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Re: How can i cope through this.

Post by Saraheve » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:38 pm

Hi if they take my baby away how will I cope I have made all the changes that they have asked. I'm already hurting that I lost my son now they want to take baby based on previous concerns. Even though I have addressed them all.

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Re: How can i cope through this.

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:14 pm

Dear Saraheve,

I am sorry to hear that children services are not being very clear about the direction they will take, once your baby is born.
Children services could continue to monitor and support you under a child protection plan. Alternatively, they may be able to argue that the evidence that was proved in the care proceedings that concerned your son, will still be relevant as not much time has passed. They would say that any assessment of the changes that you have made, could be done under court proceedings to prevent delay in the long term planning for your baby.

Have you discussed all the possible options with your solicitor? Your solicitor would be arguing on your behalf, that you have made significant changes since the last care proceedings and that these changed needs to be fully assessed.

Was there any expert reports filed in the earlier proceedings that relate to your son, such as a psychologist report? If so, was there any recommendation that needed to be followed-such as therapeutic support and have you managed to obtain and complete this support? You might be able to ask that the expert assess any changes you have made.
You could read through the court judgment and the final reports that were filed and check that you have addressed all the concerns.

If court proceedings are being considered, an interim care order (allowing removal of baby) would only be granted to children services, if the court was satisfied that your baby is at risk of serious harm or in imminent danger.

Separation (removal) of a child from their parents is only to be ordered at the interim level, if the child's safety demands immediate temporary protection.

Other options could be considered. These could be; you and baby being placed together in a mother and baby foster placement, mother and baby unit or with family or friends who have been assessed to monitor you.
Do you have any family or friends or “connected” people who could be assessed to support you?
If the assessment of you was not successful, are there any friends or family in your network or dad’s network, who could be assessed to care for your baby?

For more information about court proceedings have a look at our advice sheet about care proceedings.

At this stage, your solicitor is the best person to seek advice from, as she will know your case really well and represented you in the earlier proceedings. However, please do post here as well. We can provide general advice and other users can share their experiences and provide advice as well as support.

You could also call our advice line for confidential advice on 0808 801 0366.

Best wishes,


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