Falsely accused of NAI

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Falsely accused of NAI

Postby InnocentMammy » Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:11 pm

I'd really appreciate if any felloe parents that have been accused of non-accidental injury could see if anything similar happened to their baby.

He is in foster care, care proceedings have commenced, and at the CMH, we were granted expert radioloist, paediatrician, and opthalmologist.

I am so worried that the experts will overlook his symptoms and not provide differential diagnoses because there was one domestic incident in pregnancy. My partner and I were under a lot of stress as our baby had a high risk of down's syndrome due to the nuchal translucency on the first scan. We argued, and he pushed me out of the house and I fell on my tummy. CS were involved, were happy that we were attending relationship counselling, and closed the case. They are now involved after the following happened...

We took my baby boy to the hospital as he had what we perceived to be, purple rashes on his inner arm and left leg. He had petechial bruising to his forehead (which we also assumed to be a rash) and a subconjunctival heamorrhage. We weren't worried about this heamorrhage because we saw our family doctor three weeks previously for the same thing in the same eye and he said it is common in babies that strain a lot. We were worried these rashes were meningitis, he had a temp of 37.1.

Upon presentation, doctors were telling us the 'rashes' were bruises and asked how they happened (**** was ** *** old). We didn't know, as we brought him in immediately after seeing them. No remarkable or traumatic events had happened. They accused us of NAT and asked me to sign an authorisation for investigation which I fully complied with.

Further to this, he was seen to have a healing fracture to the posterior 11th rib. The only traumatic incident he has had was a fall off the sofa when his dad fell asleep with him in his arms at **** old. **** had no bruises and was in no discomfort, so we did not seek medical attention. They have not yet dated the fracture, we are awaiting results from a second x ray. He was noted to have some angulation of other ribs.

I assure you, no abuse has taken place. He must have something underlying.

At his blood tests, low haemoglobin, red blood cell, and elevated ALT were detected and he was diagnosed with anemia.

In pregnancy, he was found to have a high nuchal fold at the 12 week scan. Karotype testing was carried out, although we do not have the results on paper, we were telephoned to say everything was fine.

He was born via c-section, he was head down but back to back. Could the rib be a birth injury?

If it was possible to exclude Child abuse, which I assure you, he is a loved child and no one has hurt him, what do these combined results sound like?

In the UK these matters are dealt with over 26 weeks and the care of the child is decided, leaving no room for further medical testing.

Family history: Perthe's disease, dental fillings, William's syndrome, Spina bifida, cot death, my sister dislocated both arms on seperate occassions.

Please help, I could lose my baby boy because of a lack of differential diagnoses. Many Thanks,

p.s He had a severe tongue tie when born, meaning he suffered terribly with gas, straining, constipation, and reflux. He has had a frenulotomy in the past two weeks and is feeding much better

PLEASE HELP! Any advice on how to get through this emotionally, any happy ending stories, anything I can do to get my baby back.

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