social worker getting on my nerves!

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social worker getting on my nerves!

Postby frustrated mum » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:42 pm

Had posts on here before , I will try to be short on this.

Social worker wanted to do parental assessment gave us 1 days notice which myself and partner couldn't attend tried to rearrange assessment. we were told we were not co operating. I had requested in email for change of date. She has now written parental assessment without assessing us??!!

sw told me I should leave my partner , job, friends and family so I can keep my children. DV incident 10yrs ago is enough proof to split up a family even though she also wants to keep the family together??!!

taking my girls to fast food restaurants for chats.

She is phoning my daughter on her mobile everyday, and even turned up at daughters college to pick her up and bring her home. my daughter is getting upset with this.

telling me I shouldn't work and to spend more time with my girls. The fact I went from working 50 hrs a week to 23 hrs a week to spend more time with family isn't good enough.

Asking my daughter why wont your parents sign a section 20? we would be caring parents if we did that.

refusing to change incorrect reports.

using fiction not fact in reports even when we have police reports .

I said I would be short , there is so much more and questions un answered , I feel like no one is listening to me and im not aloud an opinion.

So the question is can I complain about this?
Can I request a new sw?

we have another child protection review meeting on Tuesday and I feel that nothing that I have said or done will count for anything.

Oh I am argumentative because I didn't agree with reports and want them changing and cold as I don't sit bawling my eyes out.
Feels like a bad jez k show atm. :|

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