DID YOU KNOW !!!!!!!!!!

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DID YOU KNOW !!!!!!!!!!

Postby purdie » Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:44 pm

Did you know that everyone has the RIGHT to contact their MP, you can either get an appointment, or you can send an EMAIL, you can find their EMAIL address on the internet or phone their constituancy,for an appointment. and speak to them in person.
ALSO you can ask your MP to raise a question in Parliment to the MINISTER who deal's with care.I cant mention the mans name but it is on the parliment web site.
You can Ask your MP to ask "What is the minister doing about the Parent's of children in care that are not at risk, and want their children backwhat is the minister doing to help the parents ".
As my MP is to scared to take on the SS in my area I have just contacted a lady in the house of LORD's you can do this to I am hoping that the LADY will go to my MP and ask her why she is not helping me, because it is my MPs job too.
The MP is their to help you even if you have not voted for them, so if you feel you have a good case of being unfaily treated and you can show evidence of this then go to your MP.
The families and childrens bill is being reviewed in parliment at the moment so it is an ideal time to get your MP to ask question, you may even watch it on the TV or go to NEWs on sky and see when the ministers are meeting.( parliment channel sky ).
If enough people ask thier MP's to raise a question in parliment while the children and familys bill is being discussed then the minister will have to address the situation,especially as the PM want's to hurry adoption through.
Your MP is their to help you and if you don't get any HELP, try the House of LORDs.
I found out all my Information on the internet.
The care system in this country dose not work,as seen on TV, it has millions of pounds pumped into it,and still fails,also it employs people who lie and cover thing's up , that has been my experience,and the finding's also in the ( FRANCIS REPORT NHS )" but it is still the care service ",that the PM seems to be Dissmissing, 3 Years it took that gentelman, to write that report, and judging by what I have read on this site it is the opinion of many more people on this site,that the care service is failing them, we can't all be lieing about social workers and the way they treat parent's and others.
Remember the people who bullie parents are not the law they are just people.who are supposed to follow the law.
IT is your MP and the PM and the Courts and Police who are the law and solictors,that is why we have them .
When my solictor has been in meetings, everyone from SS who are normally their fireing accusation's,and bullieing me, don't have a word to say, and have even crossed out stuff they have writen,even thier own solictor scribbling with her pen Saying " OH that should not be their and that should not be their, till their was so much scribbling she drew a tree lol lol.
Not true, but as my solictor scribbled the same stuff from, his peice of dupucate paper he said I will have to take this with me now, because I can't read what we are having this meeting for now.
As I looked back into the meeting room after me and my solictor left I have never seen so many gutted Social workers including their own solictor.
I'm not sure if you are supposed to throw your arm's around your soilictor, but I did he looked a bit shocked but he said I can understand why,so I kissed him on the cheek and off I went home as if I was ten foot tall. I'm still fighting.I made the mistake of thinking I was dealing with honest,profeshional, law abiding people, NOT SO.in my case.
Fight FIRE with FIRE don't be Bullied, and keep your chin's up.

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