Malicious referral

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Malicious referral

Post by NorthernMum » Thu Jan 30, 2020 1:48 am

A referral was made to Children's Social Care regarding my DC. This was made as a Section 47 risk and I was not asked to consent (understandably for a legitimate S47) nor was I informed the referral would happen.

The information in the referral is a load of gibberish none of which meets the standards of statutory intervention S17 or S47 and Children's Social Care closed it immediately with NFA No further Action.

The person who made the referral (a professional) has been harassing my family for months and I believe the referral has been made as part of this campaign of abuse. It is evident the referral, both timing and content, is a retaliatory response to me raising a complaint about the professional.

Is there any action I can take to prevent this person from using referrals Children's Services to harass and inflict harm on my family? Obviously it is distressing to be contacted by Children's Social Care to be informed that someone is making totally groundless allegations about you.

I appreciate that professionals need to refer legitimate concerns but this person has lied and submitted a narrative deliberately constructed to suggest my child is at risk. It is fortunate that Children's Services rejected the referral but the person is still trying to harm me and my family and I can not allow this to continue as a lot of suffering is being caused.

Surely there must be penalties for someone wasting Children's Services resources in this way. In doing so the professional is taking time, money and resources away from cases where there really are children suffering harm or from families who are in need of support and help from Social Care.

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Re: Malicious referral

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:33 pm

Dear NorthernMum

Welcome to the parents’ discussion board and thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear of the difficulty that your family experienced and the distress this caused you. I am also sorry that we have not been able to respond to you before now.

Your concern is about the behaviour of the professional who made the referral to children’s services about your children where they expressed concerns that the children may be at risk of harm. The person did this without informing you.

It is children’s services’ role to accept referrals and then to decide what action to take in response. Although the referrer expressed child protection concerns the referral does not seem to have been classified in this way by children’s services as from what you say they did not consider the threshold for an assessment to be met; instead the case was closed immediately.

As you are worried that the referral was made with malicious intent you could ask that children’s services record your view about this. If they share concerns about the content of the referral/behaviour of the referrer they could take this up with the agency for which the person works. However, as you rightly note professionals need to be able to make (and children’s services to receive) legitimate concerns about children.

Your issue is with the professional (against whom you are already involved in a complaints procedure) who referred the situation to children’s services.

You believe that the referrer has been harassing your family and that they made this referral as part of a campaign of abuse. These are serious concerns but may be difficult to evidence. You/your children probably have an ongoing relationship with the agency involved so will need to manage this carefully.

There should be a designated person or safeguarding lead in the agency for whom the person works, who you could contact about their referral procedures and guidance.

You could consider making a further complaint to the professional’s organisation if you feel it is justified.

If the professional is registered or regulated they may have come under a regulatory body with whom you could also discuss any concerns you have.

You could discuss all your areas of concern and why you feel you are being harassed with a solicitor if you think that it necessary. You can find a solicitor via the Law Society website.

I hope that this is helpful and also that you and your family are able to move forward.

With best wishes


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