Nspcc women as protectors course went wrong

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Nspcc women as protectors course went wrong

Post by Freddie » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:44 pm

I am in a relationship with an SO his crimes are against adult women, not children. He had an independent SW assessment stating he is a low risk around children. Our case went to CPC and I suggested doing the women as protectors course so that i could learn about possible signs and how to protect my kids. I started the course and instead of learning they did an assessment on my abilities to protect. This was dropped after 2 sessions and they now say I do not have the capabilities to protect my children from my partner. I am devastated, I know he is a risk but I felt the way this "asseasment" was carried out was underhand and not relevant. They asked me How would I protect the kids if we were on an outing and my partner ran from us to attack someone??
I understand the risks but no-one believes me. The report they wrote only has my answers so they are not in any context, not that that matters as I'm not allowed to read the report anyway. I feel totally let down by them as I was led to believe this course would give me the tools I need but they lied to me and have left me with no one to turn to.
I'm worried that this will escalate from cpc to poo. My ex is already thinking about custody and I think they will back him.
My partner has only occasional phone contact with my kids on speaker so i can supervise that. We have done everything SS has asked of us but I feel this nspcc course will scupper all that.

Does anyone have any advice or know how I can access a similar course

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Re: Nspcc women as protectors course went wrong

Post by Kami2018 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:10 pm

Hi I dongle an to be rude but weather it's a SO againezt woman or children I think even when deemed a low risk there's always a risk

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Re: Nspcc women as protectors course went wrong

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:08 pm

Dear Freddie,

I can see that you started to attend the Women as protector’s course but did not get through the initial assessment stage, is that right? It is my understanding that the course has 10 to 12 sessions.
I am not sure why you are not been given a copy of the assessment. I think you should ask the course coordinator and the team manager at children services for a copy. This should would then explain why you were assessed as unsuitable and whether you could challenge the report or ask to go on it again.
If they refuse to give you a copy, challenge by way of complaint. I think it is unfair not to be given it in order for you to address those concerns.

Parent’s Protect may offer a protectors course.

Best wishes,


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