Not guilty of sex offences but deemed a risk

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Not guilty of sex offences but deemed a risk

Post by MOR123 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:51 am

In 2000 I was arrested on sex offences, in total 13 charges were presented to the courts. I believed in the justice system and that the truth would out. I was acquitted on all counts and found not guilty. After the case I contacted my local social services and asked whst would happen now, they told me "nothing, as I was found not guilty the case was closed". I married my new partner and a year later we had a son, life was looking pretty good, I had a well paid job and slowly started to rebuild my life.
7 years later we seperated. I continued to have reasonable contact with my son and in return I gave £300 per month child supportpaid for her sky, water, gas, electricity, mobile phone and broadband package, clothing ans scool uniform. I then had a letter from the csa stating I hadn't paid any money and wanted £3000 arrears and to pay £200 per month. Thankfully I kept the receipts etc and the £3000 was wiped clean. As she was wanting more money by going to the csa and getting awkward with access I stopped paying her bills and paid the £200 advised by the csa. I met a new lady and moved on in life. I was forced to go to court for access as she stopped it after finding out I had a new partner - who she secretly met and tried to disclose my trial and even suggested my new partner share me, weekends with my ex and weekdays with my new partner - Fortunately I had informed my partner of my past as I believe in honesty and truth and no skeletons in the closet. Naturally I refused the timeshare offered and filed for divorce Cafcas became involved as my son was only 4, then my ex threw my past onto the game. Cafcas were initially unable to access any records as they were archived, but a court order was given to open the files. Then the fun really started to happen, social services did a risk assessment, deemed me a possible risk and we signed papers to state I wouldn't be left alone with my partners children. 11 years go past and my partners son has a child with his girlfriend. We decorated and fitted out their new flat to give them a good start. As his girlfriend had been part of the care system, social services were involved. They investigated their circumstances, allegedly to offer support and guidance as she was a young mum. They also investigated both sets of grandparents, which naturally included me. All of a sudden I'm classed as a high risk to the baby and they were made to sign paperwork giving me a lifetime ban from the baby, no discussion with me, no risk assessment and she also strongly advised them to look into sarahs law to find out why the ban was placed on me. Since then my partners family gave turned their back on my partner and me, my partners children call me a nonce, and we have been advised to leave our home and move far away for our own safety. I am sure the social worker has failed in her responsibilities, looked at the paperwork and deemed me guilty even though I was acquitted. I suffer with severe depression and borderline personality disorder and this has absolutely devastated me. 20 years after the trial, no reports of wrong doing or suspicious behaviour from schools, doctors, police etc no accusations levelled at me and my life has been torn apart by a newly qualified social worker. I do not know what to do and believe that if this is how life is going to continue, I may as well end it now, the only thing that keeps me going is my partner as that would mean leaving her to face the wolves on her own.
I really don't know what to do, I'm sure that if I had been convicted I would have had some form of protection from this behaviour. Any advice would be gratefully recieved, and I thank you for reading my story

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Re: Not guilty of sex offences but deemed a risk

Post by PerfectlySafeDad » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:54 am

What a diabolical shambles. Goalpost-shifting, back-covering and complete lack of competent insight. Utter inhumanness, stemming from the moral panic of Sarah's Law. Appalling that it would drag up a past crime that was long-since paid for, yet you weren't even convicted! What the hell is this insanity? The NQT worker is a zealot, not very bright with it. Dangerous. A total prick who shouldn't be let anywhere near the lives of families and children.
The Children's Services are a mania; just lashing out at any conceivable 'risk' their small but nasty little number can detect. If you get on the system, for whatever, that's it; they're after you, and will destroy your life just to cover themselves against some small alleged risk and tell themselves job well done.
The words 'we have a duty to..' is one of the most chilling mantras to have emerged in this society. It's a monster in itself which has broken the bounds of its ostensible good intentions.
A law needs to be passed to allow anybody with a spent conviction (or a 'non-conviction'!) to be treated normally, especially to force CS to do so; any 'risk' they deem has to be firmly shown to be something new the person has done (and not 'might' do!!).
'Support' - if you hear them say that word, be very afraid. It means 'investigation' - risk-seeking, risk-inventing even. They're creeps and liars, but the most scary thing is they might actually believe they are giving support.

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