what if there is no 'unsupervized contact' prohibition on a SHPO?

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what if there is no 'unsupervized contact' prohibition on a SHPO?

Post by PerfectlySafeDad » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:07 am

If a Dad convicted of indecent images has an SHPO which does not include any clause about contact (ie internet prohibitions only), thereby no legal restriction on him seeing his own children, exactly what power does Children's Services have to step in if the Dad ignores them and just goes about such things as meeting up with his children after they come out of school for example?
In this example, the images were not of his children or any child known to him, and there is no record of any fantasy or inappropriate interaction with his own children whatsoever, but only a good relationship with them all their lives (assume they are about 10 years old). How can children's services possibly claim there's a risk in these circumstances sufficient to satisfy a family court judge that the Dad cannot be left alone with them?
I ask this because, after successfully completing the core part of my rehabilitation program with probation and half way through a 3-year community order, I intend to appeal the unsupervised contact prohibition on my SHPO to Crown Court as being disproportionate and no longer necessary. If I succeed in this, I fully intend to go ahead with meeting or phoning my children as I would no longer be imminently arrested for it. I presume, if the CS if they did not like it, they would at the very least be required to go through a lot of bureaucracy to stop me doing this. I would not be in breach of my order, and the 'only' possible opposition to me having a normal life with my children would be the flawed opinions of children's services.

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Re: what if there is no 'unsupervized contact' prohibition on a SHPO?

Post by B17630H » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:28 pm

Do it!!

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