will i ever be allowed to keep my baby

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Re: will i ever be allowed to keep my baby

Post by A123 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:35 pm

Got my date for my first conference on Tuesday and first legal meeting Wednesday my sw is all on my side in terms of me keeping the baby ect but shes been arguing my case with the legal team already as the original sw has written she believes im in a relationship and not being open and honest with them she has no proof of this an im certainly not in any sort of relationship I don't have time im up the hospital for daily monitoring, then I have my appointments with professionals and I go to see my oldest 2 children and I was admitted to hospital about 2 weeks ago an hospital confirmed I didn't have any visitors and didn't go off the ward but sw has said what ever the outcome of the legal meeting its not her that makes the decision, ive offered to work with anyone who is put in place to support me never been offered support before, I've even said im prepared to go in a mother and baby unit an even stay with my mother for her to supervise me but after seeing my solicitor yesterday im more determined this baby's not coming home ive got everything I need,for her the sw has seen it all

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