Child protection plan

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Child protection plan

Post by Rjs17 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:04 pm

Yesterday I had a child protection conference which has left me very scared & upset.. in December me & my partner had been having a bit of a rough time & on Xmas day we had an argument where he broke my phone charger I ended up calling the police. So I had a phone call from a SW that wanted to come out & see me when he came he said that on account of my partner having a long criminal history they were going to hold a child protection conference which I attended yesterday & it’s left me feeling really deflated. They said on account of my partners past & the fact I’d been involved in CS when I was young they want to place my child & unborn baby on the child protection plan (I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant) They have basically told me that I’m not aloud to have my child’s father in the house, I can not contact him unless it’s through a 3rd party.. Thing is I love my partner to bits & he has never and never would be violent towards me & would never put my son or unborn baby in danger! It was a silly argument it’s all been taken so far out of hand.. I’m just wondering if anyone else is or has been in a similar situation & has any advice for me? Can I ever be with my children’s father? Will they allow that or take my babies from me :(

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Re: Child protection plan

Post by Atg1 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:40 am

Hi could use some advice myself my daughter of 5 months has been living with me since 3 days old her mother never told me she had a history with social care i was mislead into thinking this was her first child she is my 3rd it later came to light 1 month before she was due to be born ss turned up on the door i assummed it was about my son .it wasnt they then came back after i had a long talk with my partner it turns out shes had 8 children removed from her care this ones number 9 she has also been diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) also something i didnt know social after she was born made my partner leave the family home and let lil one live with me shes doing brilliant 5 different midwifes 3 health visitors and 4 social workers have all given me a positive review so in short my daughter will remain with me i was trying to get my partner all the help possible to ensure there would be no repeats of her past on our child neglect also child harm wasnt proven to be her but wasnt disproved either her mother rings the social tells them im an alcholic to which dna has proven false all this goes back to court in march this year im told by my solicitor i will have to choose between them brainer i will always choose my kids no matter what but i do love my partner to bits and know i can help her ive told them to make me the primary carer and let her home an extra pair of hands around the home would be good also to have a child in a family enviroment is also key to devolopment im a big beliver that all parents should be allowed to see there children so long as it can be managed safely after the psycholagists report there sticking with it shes not to return home my question at the end of all this is if shes undergoes treatment and learns to control this BPD even if its a year or two from now would we be able to retry as a couple social have no concerns over me at all its just her i feel as though i have failed my partner and my daughter as i didnt see this coming i will continue to do right by my lil one and give her the warm and love and affection she so justly deserves just need to know if at all even the smallest of hopes me and my parnter could have a chance not now but later thanks for reading i shortened this post best i could if i put it all down you would be her days

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Re: Child protection plan

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:10 pm

Dear rjs17,

Welcome to the Parent’s Discussion Board.

I am sorry to hear about the police and children services involvement with your family which was due to a domestic violence incident on Christmas day.
A child protection conference has decided you need the support of a child protection plan as they suspect your partner (due to the incident but also his criminal history) is dangerous to your children. This is because your children could be harmed (emotional or physical harm) if further domestic violence happens again.

The plan says you must not allow your partner into your home and you can only contact him via a third party. The plan will be reviewed in about 12 weeks to see whether or not your children are still at risk from your partner.

If your partner contacts you or if he turns up at the family home, do you know what is expected of you by children services? Usually you are advised to call 999 and let the social worker know, so she can re- assess how safe you and the children are. If you are not sure, check with the social worker.
What support are you getting? You should be offered domestic violence support. This could be an advocate (IDVA) or courses and counselling to help you understand domestic violence. Here are FAQ’s about domestic violence .

The purpose of the child protection plan is to provide support and monitoring and to hopefully reduce the danger that faces your children. The plan will be reviewed at a further child protection conference -first by 12 weeks and then usually at 6 months intervals. The question that will be asked again, is whether your children are still are at an ongoing risk of harm?
There will also be a meeting that will take place to plan what happens when your baby is born. So who can be present at the birth? Who can visit baby?

Can you ever be with your partner again or would this mean your children being removed from you.
For you and your partner to re unite, your partner would need to cooperate with children services, complete domestic violence programmes and be re assessed. See our information for fathers. He could also contact Respect helpline on 0808 802 4040.

You would need to cooperate fully with the social worker, and take up the courses and support offered to you-via the child protection plan.
If you and your partner spent time together, such as him knocking on your door, telephoning you, then you would have to inform the social worker. If you didn’t tell her and she found out, then she would be worried about your children’s safety and may consider different options such as whether you should be offered a refuge or further support. She may also consider your children being removed from you to keep them safe.
However, she can only remove your children if you either agreed to this or she was granted a court order such as an Emergency Protection Order or Interim Care Order because the court was satisfied that your children were at risk of serious harm.

In emergency situations, the police can also remove children under police protection for up to 72 hours.

Unless it is an emergency, there is a process that takes place before court. This involves a letter and PLO meeting, where it is explained to you what the risks are to your children and what you need to do to avoid court proceedings.

If your children are removed from your care, they should be placed with family or friends before stranger foster care.

Is there anyone in your network such as grandparents who could look after your children, if this was to happen?

A family group conference can be used to look for support within your network as well as find family to care for your children.

I hope this post answers your questions but if you need further advice, please post back or call our advice line on 0808 801 0366 or speak to a solicitor who specialises in children law. We recommend those who are accredited by the Law society .

Best wishes,


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