Initial care conference worry, social worker seems sneaky.

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Initial care conference worry, social worker seems sneaky.

Post by Jio » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:56 pm

Hello all would really like some advice as my brain is going into panic mode at the moment.
I'll start at the beginning.

30 yr old male by the way.

A few years ago I got into a relationship with a women who had in the past dealings with social services. My girlfriend had two children and one she couldn't cope with. After some back and forth she decided to give up that child to the paternal grandparents and after that social services closed her case.

Fast forward a year or so and My girlfriend gives birth to my beautiful daughter. Before I knew what was going on social services were back and was focused on my daughter. However after a month or so as no concerns were brought up they closed the case. I was extremely relieved. I've never had to deal with these people before and didn't like it one bit.

Anyway Fast forward one more year and the daughter she had given up to the paternal grandparents (she was 8 years old by the way) did some very concerning things which brought social services into the pat grandparents lives. I thought at least it was nothing to do with us. I thought wrong.

Next thing I know social workers are back at my door saying a referral has been made for my daighter due to the concerning behaviour of the daughter she had given up. I was very confused but listened to what they had to say.

They seemed to believe the concerning behaviour was a result of my girlfriend's parenting and therefore they were concerned for my daughters well being. The social workers had nothing nice to say about my girlfriend and painted her as the devil.

So after a few back and forths I decided with a heavy heart that I was going to tick off all their concerns and stop the child protection conference by leaving my girlfriend and having my daughter live with me full time. I told this to the social worker and she said she would have to do a new assessment. I replied that's ok but will my girlfriend's past with her other daughter affect this assessment. The social worker replied no it would not.

The social worker came around my place looked over everything and did her assessment she had no concerns although still continued to ask me questions about my now ex girlfriend and her other daughter which I barely know. I found it odd but wasn't really worried.

And then today I get a phone call, the social worker has applied for my daughter to go to a child protection conference. I was gobsmacked . But this is where it gets strange. When I asked her why. She once again read me a list of concerns none to do with me or my daughter. All to do with my ex and her daughter she gave away.

I mentioned to her that when I asked at an earlier date wether my ex and her daughter would affect my assessment she had responded with No.

Then she said in her words... I never said that.

And now I'm panicking this women has lied to me and I can only guess as to the reasons why. I've read so much stuff on the internet about the failure of the family courts in the UK, forced adoption and Bonuses the social workers get for putting babies up for adoption. I'm really starting to think this women just wants my baby daughter.

I can't prove she lied so I have no idea what to do.
Complain, ask for a new social worker , get a solicitor, or even run to the hills.

Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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