Social services involved , what happens next ????

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Social services involved , what happens next ????

Post by Scared2 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:54 am

Hi husband was arrested in April , released without charge pending investigation for possession and distribution of IOC , category c , not sure of any other details as police won't tell me much , unless it goes to court , husband is playing it down what he has done, he is living in a shared house and isn't allowed unsupervised contact with my 14 year old son . My son is on a child in need plan , police came to the house took his devices etc for investigation , my concern is if they find anything what kind of sentence etc would he get , also he did a full update on his computer and made it as if it was a new pc, what if he has done something wrong and hid it , so confused and worried , please help

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Re: Social services involved , what happens next ????

Post by LittleMissQ » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:05 pm

Sorry you are going through this. I've been there and it's horrid. My partner served 9mths for downloading iioc over s range of categories (mostly at the lower-mid range, but a handful at the higher end). We have been told if he had been arrested on UK mainland that it probably wouldn't have been custodial.

It terms of your partner, I would be concerned that he is trying to down play it and that he's wiped his computer (police will be able to tell). When assessing his future risk, social services will be looking at him at accept what he has done and that it's wrong. It won't look good if he tries to downplay it or make excuses. If he hasnt already, i would get him to seek all the help he can (counselling/speaking to StopItNow). Similarly they'll want you not to downplay what he's done and to accept that he 'may' be a risk to your child. In CS eyes, you need to be able to accept that there are risks in order for you to be a protective factor.

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