False accusation of domestic violence - social services invo

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False accusation of domestic violence - social services invo

Post by rkc » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:29 pm

Hi there - not sure if I have posted this in the wrong section but I need some advice. Here goes....

...so about a month and a half ago I had an arguement with my husband which turned very heated and involved us pushing each other. He was really mean and I got very angry. I called the police on him stating that he had hit me. He was arrested but released without any charges as there was no proof and I didn't make a formal statement just told the police officer and signed his notebook. The problem is that I regretted making the call as soon as I had. I called them up again 2 minutes later and they said that they had to send someone out. I panicked and rather than telling the officer that it was a mistake andjust a heated argument but nothing more (i.e. he was not violent), I told the officer a bunch of lies. (please don't judge me!).

Anyway we immediately made up and thought that was that and put it behind us. We then got a call from social services a few days later wanting to visit to make an initial assessment as we have a 18 month old child. I never thought of these consequences at all. Anyway the social worker made their visit. They didn'r ask about the incident as such although I was prepared to tell her the truth if she had. She went away, made the initial assessment and we received this in the post a few days back.

It is awful! It stated that we as a couple tried to downplay and minimise the situation (we did this as nothing happend-although we didn't tell her this. I didn't realise they had a copy of the police report). It went on to say that the social worker believed that my husband 'has been violent before and will do it again' (total and utter lie - how could she even write that?!). It then went onto say that should there be another case of domestic violence then they would seek to protect our child (what does that mean??? seek to protect from us both???).

I am so so so worried. It was a really silly mistake. One which my husband forgave me for. We are together and intend to be together and now need to rectify this situation.

We are not happy to sign the report as it is and wanted some advice on this really. What do I do? Do I tell social services I had lied? Do I tell the police again? And what are the consequence of me having wasted police time and making dalse accusations? Will this be noted against me and will social services call me unfit?? Please please help.

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Re: False accusation of domestic violence - social services

Post by Murray72 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:04 pm

Unfortunately you have got yourself into a tricky situation and now CS are involved you will have difficulties proving to them violence is not an issue.

Have they spoken to your Children at all? Allegations of DV are taken very seriously, as they should be. Have CS offered you any work as a family, even though this argument was not violent, you did mention it was very heated and obviously you felt angry enough to want your partner to get into trouble. It may be worth seeing if there is some work you could do as a family to ensure this doesn't occur again. CS will probably view your retraction of any allegations as minimising the situation. Many Women living with violence do this without even realising.

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