ANOTHER CPP....... again.

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ANOTHER CPP....... again.

Postby Ignatious » Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:27 am

So, we came off our last CPP (category of Neglect) back in 2013.

Eldest child recently struck out at her younger sibling causing visible marks and bruises (I had CCTV footage) so we contacted First Response.

Safeguarding has concerns Eldest child was providing significant personal care to her siblings. This along with an allegation I kicked my stepson last year (which involved a Child Protection Medical and a subsequent complaints process that has gone through to Stage 3) resulted in an Initial Child Protection Hearing.

At this hearing EVERYTHING historic surrounding both us parents (going as far back as 2006, 5 years before I became involved with my partner) was bought up.

It should be noted that there is/was the Eldest and 4 other children within the house with another child on the way. One of these has SIGNIFICANT disabilities. It has been noted by other professionals that the 2 youngest are starting to present some concerns (i.e. one a couple of months behind her peers with learning and the youngest, 18 months not responding to her name).

We are a significantly complex family with significant and complex needs. As such it was recently decided to put us back onto child protection to include unborn child. (as of this post 25 weeks gestation)

More recently, there has been another allegation made against me regarding my step son which ended up as a section 47 joint agency visit (whilst on a CPP) that required a child protection medical. At this time Children's services with police at the property were insistent on removing all 4 children on a S20 which we flatly refused at which point the police representative comments that if we didn't comply he would be within his rights to remove the children on safeguarding grounds. Reluctantly we agreed for 2 of them to go on S20, whilst we made arrangements for the other 2 to go with family members. That weekend to go from a hustle/bustle family to complete silence was extremely disconcerting. (Note - we felt pressured and 'blackmailed by the system' into compliance).

All 4 children have subsequently been returned back to the family home.

Since that weekend we have had daily visits by the 'Services' team. I have requested Sundays as being 'family' time, and Sunday just gone, I made it known that my request was not optional but non-negotiable and turned the Social Worker away at the door. (My argument, they have 6 other days of the week to do there visit(s) ). I would like to know if anyone else has been subjected to 'Daily' visits?

My partner has concerns regarding the unborn assessments process in that she thinks Children's Services are currently dealing with unborn far too early in her pregnancy.

I would like to add that we are fully co-operative with the CPP process (albeit to a certain extent, i.e. we were dead set against the CP medical and the s20, but what parent wouldn't be) and that for the most part we have no concerns that the children or unborn will be removed and that the multi agency involvement we have surrounding us is supportive. Were just tired of the poking and prodding at the family functionality.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I am a parent. My responses are not from any formal training background but from my own experiences, my own research and my own point of view.

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Re: ANOTHER CPP....... again.

Postby Har1Her1 » Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:50 am

Hello Tony,

I can only sympathise with you. We are also going through our second CPP and, like your family, we have children with significant needs. I am co-operating fully with CSC (although I feel very patronised and doubt their ability to support our family effectively). In our case, I have had one visit to the home since the CPPs started in mid July. My youngest has had one session on his 'developmental programme' (for teenagers who have worrying 'sexual' behaviour) and my eldest languishes in a CAMHS unit whilst agencies discuss who will fund what in terms of accommodation. Both social workers who have been co-working our case have been on holiday and unable to attend a CPA meeting for my eldest or answer enquiries with respect to my youngest and the person who was supposed to arrange transition into the PRU for my youngest has disappeared. Hopefully, she will appear again before term starts next week.

So, I would say daily visits are overkill and potentially very disruptive. However, I feel a little under-supported and frustrated. There must be a happy medium somewhere.

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Re: ANOTHER CPP....... again.

Postby Har1Her1 » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:40 pm

Just to add Tony, my heart goes out to you and your family. his must be awful for you.

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