Police Investigation and Child Services Hell

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Re: Police Investigation and Child Services Hell

Postby Seadog01274 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:06 am

Also how severe are the mistakes on the report? I went through mine with a highlighter, I was very angry at the time and I just wanted rip the thing up! I think the way they word things is awful.
I was asked if I planned on having children with my husband. As we only got married 2 weeks before his all happened I said yes of course our plan was to wait until after this Christmas then try for a baby. My report said I plan on having a child with marc after Christmas. Not even taking into account the situation we are now in! Now we won’t be trying for a baby after Christmas. So many things they word very black and white. They got the date of our wedding wrong and I burst into tears. But now we are preparing for our second conference on Tuesday all those things I highlighted I feel they don’t even matter. They can write what they want, it isn’t looked at again after conference. I decided to just let it be and focus on making sure the next report is overflowing with positives! It wasn’t helping me niggling at all those little mistakes that they’ve just abbreviated down xxx

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Re: Police Investigation and Child Services Hell

Postby Doandson » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:14 am

Miserylovescompany2 wrote:Hello again,

I will add this - when something has been printed and circulated. It is already on the system. If for example you did write a letter correcting the error and you were told that a note would be added to the system. If at a later date for whatever reason someone pulled the info, the note would not be printed.

I would seek legal advice. Because they could still use what they have written in their favour - it is not a fact. Once it goes from report to report it will become a fact.

If I were you I would want written clarification from CS on how they plan to rectify this.


I have taken advice it was the first thing we did as I come from a legal background. I have been told that the latter should be annexed to the report and I know the chances of them leaving it off BUT I have it and I would have the email sending it and the signed for confirmation from the post office. I'm just looking at it from a worst case perspective as if they tried to take my son away because I hadn't kicked my husband out just because they have misunderstood. Better to correct that now then if or when they tried to do it.

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Re: Police Investigation and Child Services Hell

Postby DesperateDad » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:37 pm

I have written so many detailed letters to them, picking out faults in what they say and do; they’re misleading in their phrases, ambiguous, censor anything that strengthens our case, exaggerate anything that weakens it, and are factually incorrect on so many levels. They take what we say, do, write out of context and use it to strengthen their own arguments. I’m still fighting them and won’t give up because I can’t allow lies to have a lifelong negative impact on my family, but they’ve not even followed the official complaints procedure with any honesty or integrity. They simply want us to shut up, sit back, allow them to shred our family to pieces and then feel satisfied with themselves.
What I will say is that every written communication you give them, introduce it with;
“Given previous discrepancies in the way in which we feel previous communications have been dealt with, please ensure that this <message/email/document> is kept in tact, no phrases are used out of full context and that it remains on file with the rest of the <assessments/reports etc>”
I’ve also recorded every meeting/phonecall -even when they’ve told me I couldn’t. It has come in useful when they’ve lied inmeetings and I’ve challenged them, they’ve denied it and I’ve said I have it recorded. The best they can do (with a slight look of horror on their faces) is say “you aren’t allowed to record! You can’t use the recording”...to which I respond “possibly, but the fact still remains that the lie you just told IS recorded, so do you still want to make that false claim?” They usually go quiet, and a manager then claims the social worker may have simply been ‘confused’ or overwhelmed in the moment, not intentionally lying...
I wish you all luck...I wish we could all offer each other greater support:-(

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Re: Police Investigation and Child Services Hell

Postby Doandson » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:47 pm

It is literally just one point I want to clarify screw the rest of it as there is not a bad word to be said of my son or me or even the care provided by my husband. All reports on husband are positive.

It literally is "x said husband would leave the home if more images were found" I did NOT say this. I said I would consider whatever evidence came up, discuss with CS and Police make a decision from there. I don't want them to say after the forensic investigation that I'm a risk as they told me more images were found and this report said I would kick him out and then haven't. That's it . My son comes first above all else but part of ensuring his wellbeing is having a close family unit with love and support. I will give him that for as long as I can until I assess or am provided with evidence to contrary.

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