Railroading by Social Services

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Railroading by Social Services

Post by Rednumber1 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:24 am

I raised a safeguarding issue with children's services in March surrounding my daughters drug usage. My grandaughter was placed in my care by social services 2 months after she came to live with me under children's services knowledge. A viability assessment was undertaken then, coincidentally 1 day after she broke her arm at school. There have been numerous issues with communication and there has been nothing tangible done by children's services to help my daughter. She has self referred with my help to mental health services ( she was attacked very badly aged 16) but was given a clean bill of health. We have self referred to a drugs councelling service ...but at every meeting with social services have asked for further help. No help has been offered and it seems to me they are only interested in gathering retrospective evidence via drugs testing and further psychological assessment. It is now at PLO stage after 3 months although my daughter has actively tried to get help ....I am being assessed as foster carer..and it feels tgey are actively trying to push for an sgo instead of support and reunite tge family. Please help ...this is not in the best interests of the child at all. It would severely damage ger to be removed from her mom forever . Thank you :(

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Re: Railroading by Social Services

Post by justice007 » Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:46 pm

I feel for you.. I too have been let down by social services when I went to them to help protect my daughters... I can't understand how these things happen... I hope you have gotten some help...

I can only listen and share experiences but maybe that is some help?

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