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by TaidCric
Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:51 pm
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Topic: Where do we stand
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Where do we stand

On Christmas night my latest grandchild was born,3 days later the social took her to court where a care order was put in place. 5 days later my daughter & her son were moved out of our county to a fostering unit. She signed a contract of expectations and did more than what was asked of her, she's re...
by TaidCric
Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:10 am
Forum: Have you been asked to agree to your child coming into care under a voluntary arrangement?
Topic: Social services phone tapping
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Social services phone tapping

Can the social tap mobile phones & listen in on private phonecalls? My partner & daughter are convinced that their calls are being listened in on,after a matter that was discussed only between them both was brought up by a social services team leader, who is on a mission to drive my partner, her chi...