SGO - do I need a solicitor?

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SGO - do I need a solicitor?

Post by Worriednanna » Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:39 pm

I would be really grateful if someone could advise on whether we need a solicitor (we are not entitled to legal aid), SW said only initial consultation would be paid by LA.
The SGO is not being contested by mother or social worker and the father is not contactable.
We have just passed the SGO assessment (such a relief!) for my 2 grandchildren (6 and 4yrs). They have been with a foster carer for past 6-7 months due to negligence. I have been verbally told the results of the financial assessment (but don't believe the figures are correct as they are low and neither of us are working) - how do we go about querying this? I was advised by SW that she had completed her paperwork and sent to court on Friday 16/01 and a date for hearing should be for approx. 7-10 days time. Are we automatically part to proceedings as we are going for SGO?
Social worker is not being helpful at all and is more interested in the mother than the children.

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Re: SGO - do I need a solicitor?

Post by Robin D » Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:32 am

Hi Worriednana.

I agree with all Irene has said. Of particular note is that you will not be party to proceedings. In my view you need to be so you can hear all that is being said. You can apply directly to the court, but there is a fee to pay. (£155?). You may get the LA to pay this, but I suspect its unlikely.

If you are unhappy with the financial assessment and the offer, or there is nothing in there about continuing until the child is 18, you need to appeal to the local authority first. I suggest you contact the manager of the social worker, and say you are very concerned that you may not be able to agree to the order purely on financial grounds and that if, as I suspect, the offer is only for two years, it simply is not good enough and is not putting the needs of the child first so would they please review? No placement should be refused or terminated purely on those grounds.

If that doesn't get you anywhere, you need to look up the LA Childrens Services complaints procedure (on the LA web-site) and submit a complaint. You would then need to ensure you attended court to explain why you cannot proceed with the order.

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Re: SGO - do I need a solicitor?

Post by MinnieMoo » Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:02 pm

Hi Folks,

So am I correct in thinking that the LA can pay until the child is 18?
The reason I ask is that I will be a pensioner by the time DGD is 15 YO.
Its going to be challenging enough to afford the nursery fees....

Min x

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