Work/ life balance worries

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Work/ life balance worries

Postby ajc » Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:33 pm

Hi everyone
I am not sure if any of you can advise me on this but here goes.
When I took on my g/c I was at that time off work with stress, the GP said it was emotional exhaustion, I wasnt sleeping nor eating and just felt ill. Anyway I returned to work and was looking to reduce my hours in order to keep sane and reduce the impact on my health and was told that in order to reduce my hours I would need to move my work base to a team that could accomodate my hour reduction from 37 hrs to 30 hrs per week. (We are both special Guardians to G/C but with no financial support from LA now our g/c are both now under 4.)
I did this however not long after this I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rumatica, spinal disc arthritis, fybromyalgia and a ulnar nerve entrapment in my arms (this was as a result of constantly lifting two g/c as babies).I am now on a host of meds including steroids, and occassional given morphine patches for breakthrough pain in regard to my spine. As you can imagine Life can be difficult but I try not to self indulge so I just keep on keeping on. I then got it agreed to drop my hours using our work/life balance to 30 hrs, but as the role I do is very stressful I have been asking my employer for over two years to return to a diffrent post I did in the past that I am qualified to do which would reduce the stress at work, this was aknowleged by our employee health care team too in writing on my last assessment. However because of the ecomonic climate my employers are now looking at getting me back into work fulltime which I will make my health worse as I am struggling to cope at work as it is.So I have been summonsed to a meeting set for next week with HR and my manager, I have got the union involved as I feel threatened that I might be laid off. My GP has in the past mentioned retirement on grounds of ill health as in a telephone call with my union rep they too asked me if this would be a option I would be prepared to take. I cannot afford to be made redundant as my husband is on pension and I am the breadwinner now.
Retirment on grounds of ill health would be acceptable to me as I would at least have a income to suppport us all. The task of working and caring along with my poor health is now having a massive impact on my well being and quality of life. I am now so worried about this that I cant think stright. Has anyone any advise or been in a similar situation

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