Complicated.. Contact with my grandaughter

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Complicated.. Contact with my grandaughter

Post by shelly22 » Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:12 am

Hi everyone, i`m a newbie here looking for support and maybe advice ;)
My situation is slightly complicated if not confusing, but here I go;;; This may come in 2 parts!!
I have a 3 year old granddaughter from my oldest son (36yrs) CS have been involved for around 2 1/2 years, she is on a child protection plan which has been up and down, this was originally initiated due to a domestic (violent) incident with his now ex partner who is mum, which ended with mum being stabbed and hidden in another room, police were called by neighbours due to the screams and noise, son was arrested and mum taken to hospital, I need to say my son is a known violent offender, uses drugs etc, he is not a nice person, mum also uses drugs, they are both habitual liars who have no consideration at all for other people including their family, dad was on licence following a 5 yr conviction and was recalled to finish the rest of sentence at the pleasure of. When the trial came they had between them conspired a plan, as there were no witnesses that could 100% identify what happened outside their home and he actually was released with NFA. During his time in prison he had somehow managed to get a letter out to mum detailing exactly what to say in court, however mum kept the letter which went on to be used as a threat against dad for the following 2 yr. during this 2 yr period gd was under child protection and I also became a scapegoat/victim of my sons behaviour, he used my gd to get his own way so she was in an out of my life, I was harassed, threatened, my car was damaged, he caused damage to my home, cut electric wires disabling my garage doors, took my cat and killed her, i have been marac`d several times,eventually police charged him and he was given a restraining order, and I recently moved house. He started a relationship with someone else and the same process started all over again except the child wasnt his, cutting a very long story short he was arrested and charges with assault and several other things and was let out on bail with conditions, however he was interviewed by cs`s where he tried to say he was the way he was because he was abused when he was 11 by me, and he had been sending me texts the day before saying if I said anything to police he would tell them i abused him, obviously I went straight to the police myself and they downloaded at
all these texts this was later NFA following investigation. Within the first 3/4 weeks of bail he took mum of gd and gd to a weekend away and proceeded to batter mum and dump mum and gd in the middle of no where at 3am. He was again arrested as mum had triggered alarm and a search started, at this point is where the original letter became known to police, he is now remanded charged with battery and perjury and stll has the other charge ongoing with other ex,, phewww. gd is now with maternal gm with visits from mum. I was seeing gd and mum prior to this happening. Since then I have been trying to gain contact with my gd via her sw which is not happening and they initially said no family was allowed contact only mum which I challenged and low and behold all maternal family have no restrictions on contact,

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Re: Complicated.. Contact with my grandaughter

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:17 pm

Dear Tired Tina

Your post responded to on your second thread.

Best wishes


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