Pregnant again...

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Pregnant again...

Post by Skippy » Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:21 am

We have an SGO for our nephew, now aged 7, who has been with us for just over a year. He was removed because of neglect and emotional abuse, with fabricated illness due to parental mental health issues. There is no contact at the request of our nephew - he doesn't want anything to do with them.

We've now heard that his mother is once again pregnant (whether that is true or not is another issue!). The thought of another child going through what our nephew went through terrifies me - it will take years of hard work to undo the damage they have done to the poor boy.

What happens, with regards to social services, in this kind of case? The social worker at the time told us that any further babies would be automatically removed, but how does that process start? What if they run and start a life elsewhere? From conversations that I have had with the parents, I suspect that their solicitor didn't share with them quite how serious their situation was - they still harbour hopes of getting their son back, still try and insist on contact and still believe that they did absolutely nothing wrong. I doubt that they will be aware of social services' position.

We're not in a position to take on another child, especially a baby, but our nephew could have a sister or brother, and if all happens as we suspect (hope), the child would be taken away at birth and placed for adoption. How on earth do you break that news to a seven year old? Or do you not?

As someone who is incredibly angry with the parents for what they did - knowing the father very well, I suspect that the motivation for fabricated illness was to secure additional benefits so that parents did not have to work (they received a massive amount - enough for them to all live on quite comfortably) - I cannot understand why they were not arrested for abusing their son, especially as the police were involved in the removal of the boy, and photographed the depraved home conditions. There is a case in the newspapers at the moment of a mother who played off social services against the police to hide similarly poor living conditions, and she has been jailed.

Sorry for the rant - feeling very angry at hearing the news of the pregnancy.

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