Foster Allowance to age 21

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Foster Allowance to age 21

Postby David » Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:55 am

I understand the government has announced that local authorities will now have to pay foster allowances up until the child is 21. I assume that the same will not apply to RO & SGO allowances? Once again it looks as though new rules will put kinship carers at a disadvantage.Would it be possible for RO & SGO allowances to be similarly extended, or as a court has already set the timescale is this impossible? Is there any way that FRG and other interested NGOs could campaign to achieve parity for kinship carers on this issue?
David - grandparent carer with Residence Order (now Child Arrangement Order)

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David Roth
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Re: Foster Allowance to age 21

Postby David Roth » Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:05 pm

Hi David - long time no see.

It does seem unfair that carers who have got SGO or RO won't get the longer term support that those of you who are foster carers will get.

However, we will need to give some thought as to how we might argue it legally - the orders themselves only last until the children become 18, so we would need to think on what basis we could argue for support after that date.

Thank you for raising the point though, it needs to be thought through.
David Roth
FRG Policy Adviser

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