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Postby pongo99 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:44 pm

y my hasnt time gone quick were as it gone didnt realise its been this long since been on . to let you all know how things are
we still have g/d she is 5 nealy 6 now and a hand full to say the least we still have crap from the birth mother but we try, her second daughter is out of s/s foster care an living with his parents who are going for a sgo with the backing of s/s
we recently put mother up for 5 weeks as the so called partner beat her up the police were involved and prest charges how ever whilst her daughter keept goin off with different blokes staying out all night even going an staying with the so called partner needless to say when we went to court we were informed that the charges were dropt as she had meade another statement basicaly agreeing with his version of events grrrrr now we are being threatend with s/s as she says she as concerns as to g/d and that g/d as suposed to have told her she hate living here an hates we needless to say mother had been druming things into her head and the fact we may be able to move to the coast for a fresh start an she is moaning we carnt take her and we couldnt look after her when she was a kid an we are only giving g/d what we didnt give her an the others
we have told her to go to s/s and not to come to we next time her beats her up an it will happenpongo99pongo99

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