Warning - yet again - SGOs

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Re: Warning - yet again - SGOs

Postby LLB » Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:13 pm

Originally posted by Piglets-House

At the risk of being berated for this comment I am gonna go for it anyway. A child has a right to contact with their family. which means all of their family whether we as sg's like it or not and believe me I have had my moments but we have to let this happen. The father obviously feels that he is not getting enough contact and therefore is asking for more. has he asked you directly for more contact if he has then perhaps you could have come to an agreement without the need for court. I am dreading this happening to me but will do my best to agree without the need for court if I can. At the end of the day the court would prefer not to make an order so we sg's need to try and accommodate as best we can part if our responsibility is to keep the childrens welfare at the forfront of our minds this includes contact.

Yes I agree with you. It is hard and very emotional (for all) to do this and yes contact can leave a child confused but that risk has to be taken as we have found out. Anyway if the relationship is left to develop through thick and thin it can work for the best. These bad parents are still the child's parents but very often the child still loves their 'bad' parent and if we deny contact then it could in the end make things worse. Our eldest started off not wanting to see his father but we explained that he was still his father despite what he may have done. Eventually our eldest changed his mind after going through many emotions and whether we like it not now,as a teenager, he loves his parents whilst at the same time appreciating their faults.

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Re: Warning - yet again - SGOs

Postby gb2010 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:21 pm

Thanks LLB. I agree with you. Children do have a right to know where they come from, but the birth dad is doing this for himself and not her. Spoke to CAFCASS officer today. In Court next Friday so will update then.

By the way, I've had a response from my MP about the forum - if you haven't written to your MP or done the online submission, please do so.

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