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[quote]Originally posted by Help 1870

Im sorry, I didnt mean to frighten you. I said it MAY be an issue, thats not to say it is. Many carers here have had to deal with that difficulty, its something that does crop up fairly regularly so best you know about it now really and if it is a problem you can take appropriate action. Thats not to say you have to cut your daughter out, she is still your daughter after all, you just have to approach supporting her in a different way and one that shows to the professionals you can and will prioritise the children.

It might be best to take things one step at a time, and deal with each thing as it arises rather than worry over mights/maybe's/possibly's. Im guessing you have a while before the court hearing and its not something thats imminent.

First thing I would suggest is to contact the SW and ask her when the report will be available and when you are getting your copy. If she says you are not getting one then ask why as the report is about you.

Who did the assessment? Was it SS or did someone independent carry it out?

Id be interested to know the reasons why SS removed your grandson from your care back in April, Did those reasons have anything to do with your relationship with the childrens mother. Those reasons could have a lot of bearing on the opinion of the SW and the assessment itself. You can mail me privately if you prefer, just click on the envelope picture.
SW doing full assessment on me in light of their previous safeguarding issues Another Sw assessing two family members.
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