Here we go again!!

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Re: Here we go again!!

Post by Cellbar » Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:43 pm

No guardian has been appointed as it is classed as private law - they are doing a simple 'safeguarding and risk assessment' for a report for the Court hearing. It is CAFCASS who are doing this, but do we have to have them involved?

We have reservations about this though because they want to do CRB checks etc again - my argument is we have an SGO, we have already been through all of this and don't want it all over again! What happens if we say no to it? We are not a 'posed risk' so why should we? We have done nothing wrong and all they want is increased contact, it feels like we are under the microscope yet again!!

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Re: Here we go again!!

Post by Help 1870 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:56 pm

quote:Originally posted by Cellbar

they want to do CRB checks etc again - my argument is we have an SGO,

On you??? Id refuse point blank. You have jumped through hoops to prove yourself suitable to have the permanent, full time care. Insisting you go through another CRB is just rediculous, and a complete waste of time and resources. If its the Guardian suggesting this then Id be making a complaint to CAFCASS, You arent the ones who are under scrutiny here, you already have been and passed.

I know it might seem a waste of time, but have you contacted the SW who dealt with the case, or you should at least have a support SW through the adoption and fostering team.

SS should be involved to some degree, if only to provide details to the court of the previous case to help them make their decision.

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