leaving the uk

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leaving the uk

Postby lancs lass » Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:54 pm

Hello to you all its been nearly a year now since i last wrote. As some of you will remember my daughter was found dead last year and after 9 months the inquest found she would have survived had an ambulance been called but, nobody is to be prosercuted from the CPS desion. Anyway, I am planning to emigrate to NZ as my other daughter and her young family live there, we are going on the family criteria (and, in this we fit the requirments)we have a home to go to work if i need to and a future for the 2 girls). Now, the first hurdle has come up the Father! After 7 years he has started to show an interest he has just finished treatment and after agreeing to let them go is now saying if i wont allow them to be taken by him (he lives in the south i am in the north, he had phoned the eldest gd without my knowledge to try and arrange this) for a visit (were their safety could be comprimised) he will not sign any forms.
As the residence order names me and there has been no involvment from SS indeed when i phoned them they basically said they wont get involved. Is this now going to be a protracted court battle? does anybody have any ideas before I start solicitor enquiries. I just so wanted to avoid any legal battles after the year all of us have just had, i maybe have been complacent to think this would be straightforward. As the girls mum and dad were married he will have some rights despite the fact he has maybe seen them 12-15 times in 7yrs phone calls maybe once every few months.
Hope there is some justice for the girls as they have had precious little of late and this move albeit still two years away will change their lives and give them security when i am no longer around.

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Re: leaving the uk

Postby Help 1870 » Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:25 pm

Even without dads involvement, I think you would have to go back to court anyway, One of the restrictions of the RO is that you cannot remove a child from the country for longer than one month. I assume you would need a specific issue order if you were to leave for longer than this, or emigrate.

If the move is not planned for another 2 years then the court might want to wait and see how things with dad pan out. If hes completed treatment, they might want to see if he stays on track, If he does, they may take the view that its in the childrens best interest to have contact with their father.

Sorry I cant be more positive.

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