SS Review Meetings /Temporary Care

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SS Review Meetings /Temporary Care

Postby Angeleyes » Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:02 am

My family have just had their first review meeting for the children that are in care under ICO's and although I did not attend I have since been told a little background into what happens and who is there at these meetings. One of the issues raised was contact for other family members in addition to mum and dad and this was declined at this stage as they were told it is too early and too much stress for the children. Someone has since mentioned to me that in these meetings there is an independent guardian who can make decisions about and for the children on their behalf and also to help family members, the indepedent guardian gets to suggest what is in the best interests of the children and especially help family members keep in the loop, can anyone tell me if this is accurate, and if so do they have the power that SS have but perhaps from a different perspective?

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Re: SS Review Meetings /Temporary Care

Postby ied53 » Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:42 am

Can you keep all your posts on the same thread makes it easier than reading back to answer you cos we remember what has been discussed before. A guardian will be appointed for the children but much later in proceedings. Contact is restricted to the parents initially this is to allow the children to get used to changes but still maintain a close relationship with the parents. When it become clearer that the parents are unlikely to have the children back the potential carer should start the assessment process and then contact It may be that several potential carers have put them selves forward so they will be assessed before any contact arranged.
Who from the family was at the review? These meetings by the way are part of the care process and should involve parents soc workers and foster carers. When a decision has been made that the parents are unlikely to have the children back the potential carer should attend these meetings . We as grandparents and future carers had contact once the soc servs were almost certain they would not go back to mum we then became the foster carers the assessment process took several months other no other family member had contact during that time. As hard as this is for the family members it is about the needs of the children not the wants of the family. This process is painful and takes a long time hold in there make sure everything you ask is in writing all can be denied if you haven't made it formal
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