Applying for Residence Order do we need SGO?

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Re: Applying for Residence Order do we need SGO?

Postby Help 1870 » Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:53 pm

Originally posted by pollypocket

We didnt want to gamble with him and take the risk that SS would remove from her care in case firstly they didnt and secondly that they did and then him not get placed with us.

There seems to be either a misconception or misinformation here.

The child is already with you. To formally place the child with you they do NOT have to physically take him away to then give him back. If this is what has been told to you (rather than your own interpretation) then it can only IMO have been done to instil fear that you could possibly lose this child to push you down a route you may not have taken otherwise.

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Re: Applying for Residence Order do we need SGO?

Postby pollypocket » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:23 pm

SS told us that to formally place him with us themselves that we would only be 'considered' and that because of little ones age they would look to place on the adoption register. We had begged and begged for SS to remove from mother's care and place with us but they refused, but then advised us to go for SGO with their support. We will be going for SGO as with mother being the way she is, its the legal security that is most valuable but the simple fact is that if we cannot afford childcare/expenses etc we would have no choice but to give little one to SS anyway which is what we are trying to avoid. Legal advisors have told us SS should be doing alot more, especially as they said in court that if it werent for us little one would be in care.

We now are being assessed for SGO (waiting for this all to begin) and have a 3 month wait - Mother is saying she will contest and I just dont know how much more we can cope with, I have an anxiety attack pretty much every time she makes contact (which incidentally is never with us, she hasnt spoken to or seen her child in 2 months).

Solicitor now on annual leave....thank you again for all advice, we do feel very alone.


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Re: Applying for Residence Order do we need SGO?

Postby youngagain » Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:27 pm

I really feel for you, we had some of the same from our social workers saying they were going to adopt little one and making all sorts of bad comments.We went to see our local M.P. and he was very good, wrote a letter to the head of the council.
It was a really bad time for us as well,the L.A. have a duty to place little one with you so I suspect that they are just pushing you in to a corner so that you will agree to everything they want.
You can access a support package as if the L.A. suggest an sgo then you become a prospective special guardian.That means that they have to provide you with information on how to request an assessment for support services including financial.This is different from the assessment as to your suitability to become a special guardian and should identify all the needs of the child.
In our case we were not aware that we were entitled to request an assessment for support services as the L.A. provided the usual smoke and mirrors.I do hope you feel better about things, there are some good articles on managing anxiety on the net, its not very nice, I know. Best of luck

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