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Re: How much contact

Postby babylove » Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:30 pm

sorry to hijack your post auntie b. i was wondering about the level of contact that mum has with the 3 children that i have got, she sees them 3 x a wk for a hour and half a time, when i was asked what i would do if/after i got SGO and i said i may cut it down to 2 days a wk the SW looked at me in horror and asked if thats what the children would want, well with the oldest being 6yrs then 4 then 1, i feel that 3 x is a little to much. dad of 4 yr old gets once every 2 wks for 3 hrs. am i being that much unreasonable cos i think that even 2x a wk is a lot

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Re: How much contact

Postby David Roth » Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:52 pm

babylove, twice a week contact with parents would seem to be quite a high level to me, for children where an order has been made to say that they cannot live with their parents. However, it is hard to comment much without knowing about the individual circumstances.

The sort of questions I would have would be around what are the potential risks to the children of contact? How would that risk be managed? Would you be supported in managing the risks? In what way? What is going to be the children's understanding of having this high level of contact? Might it not raise expectations in the children of returning to mum, which are unlikely to be fulfilled?

If this SGO is being made through care proceedings, then the assumption would be that the threshold criteria have been met, that is to say that the children are suffering or are at risk of suffering significant harm, from their parents. That being the case, then contact is a matter that needs to be carefully considered.

Are CAMHS involved with the family at all? If so, it might be helpful to have their views on what would be an appropriate level of contact for these children. It would probably be helpful to get some sort of an independent view on what would be the right level of contact for the children, since at first reading it would seem that the social worker's is taking an unrealistic view of what the arrangement should be. I wonder whether the social worker is thinking first of the welfare of the children, or of what mum wants?

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