Holding R/O in my hand and total costs of R/O bill

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Re: Holding R/O in my hand and total costs of R/O bill

Post by Jacobswell » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:34 pm

Thank you Irene and David, I do try to speak to my daughter alone, as its a case of her being in total deniel that her life of drug addiction and just going off to score etc, rehabs etc not coming back when she was supposed to for her daughter has caused NO problems to her daughters insecurity ! Involvement with the school has been very difficult they seem to be just for how the school is performing ie academy status now. When I raised concerns regarding my granddaughters behaviour I then had two private sessions talking to the CPN regarding my granddaughters insecurities, then my granddaughter had 3 sessions where she was able to talk to the CPN freely, the CPN said my granddaughter definitely had all signs of attachement disorder due to her Mother not being there for her. The CPN wrote to me and the school with there findings and after almost 6 months of not hearing from the teacher who is in charge of child referrals at school - not getting back to me I spoke to my granddaughters own teacher and asked him to ask the referral teacher, after another 4 months of hearing nothing I spoke to the headmaster and chased him up again after a week as somehow he was so busy, finally he got back to me and said there was no money in the kitty so to speak so they could not pay or fund any money for my granddaughter to have consellingl, there was another place I think called dreadnoughts but it didn't really seem appropriate for my granddaughters needs, the CPN said for my granddaughter to have private art or music/dance therapy it would cost me £45 for half an hour. I have been retired for the last 2 years and am on a limited income ie my granddaughter is in receipt of free school meals ie with an income of less than now £12000 a year, but with no help and I feel like somehow my granddaughter has been really let down and I have no idea where to turn to next. My granddaughter is 11 and will be finishing this school in July with Secondary school in September, due to her attention seeking of course I am worried of her falling in with the wrong crowd and being easily influenced or doing things she shouldn't do, the CPN said my granddaughter shows signs - I just feel nobody cares, and sometimes its all to much for me. Jacobswell

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Re: Holding R/O in my hand and total costs of R/O bill

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:53 am

Dear Jacobswell,

I can see that you are worried that granddaughter’s behaviour may lead her to fall into the wrong crowd when she goes to secondary school. I can see that you are also worried that she has been assessed by a CPN and support has been suggested but that the school are saying they cannot fund it as they do not have any money in the kitty.

There may be a way to challenge the head teacher’s decision. You may also want to raise your worries with the new school. Can the report be passed on to them?

Or can you go back to the CPN and explain what the school have said. Could she suggest another way of accessing the health support she needs? Could the school or her GP refer her to the local child and adolescent mental health service?

For other sources of information, you could speak in confidence to the parent advice line at Young Minds about your worries.

Adfam give help and support to families affected by drugs and alcohol.

Best wishes,


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