Breech of Confidentiality

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Breech of Confidentiality

Post by RL1234 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:25 pm

Please could you give me some advice.

My husband and I recently attended a case conference regarding our grandson, who is our son son. Our son and his partner also attended the meeting, along with his partners mother and father. During the meeting the police reported the outcome of the police checks they had made on everyone, other than my sons partners father - they couldn't do this as they hadn't got his date of birth. Consequently, this ment they shared information about us being arrested in 2005 for allegations of abuse that our daughter had made against us, and that the CPS did not consider our daughter to be a "credible witness" - I was shocked when they did this and we had not been warned before the meeting that this was going to happen.

I am wondering if they have breached our confidentiality as I do not feel that this information was relivant / needed for the decision being made, which we had been told by the Chair was to determine if baby was at risk or not. Also, I am of the understanding that information should be shared on a need to know basis only - Social services were already aware and knew everything about the allegations but I don't think it was necessary for our gransons Health Visitor, Nurse or Physio to be told. Fortunately our sons partner and her family know about our daughter but what if they hadn't?

Thank you,

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