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Re: help or advice needed please

Postby Nanny G » Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:09 pm

Dear Suzie,
Thank you very much for your helpful and comprehensive reply.

Yes, my son is on the birth certificate so does has parental responsibility. The last i heard was CS were looking to go to court this week, for my son said, to decide where the child stays for the next few weeks, which would be as you say, to get a court to rule that they can make decisions, at which point they will.
I havnt heard anything from my son since so am assuming it hasn't gone to court yet.
We had a recent FGC, a couple of months ago where both sides of the family had separate meetings due to the friction between families. There was also one at the end of last year where only the mother took part as my son wasnt having (official) contact at that point so didnt feel he had anything he could offer. In truth i think the mother asked him not to so he agreed. Had i realised the importance of a FGC back then i would have suggested he had his half too and would have supported him, however i didn't. At that meeting they were unable to establish any alternative carers for the child, hence the more recent one. At which point our side of the family were involved and knowing this the mothers family put themselves forward as potential carers as well as myself. My son, communicating with the mother, said she had told him 'they only did it to stop your mum getting her'....
It has also been offered to my son that if he were awarded care of his daughter, they could both stay here as my partner and i have 2 spare rooms. I have since said to my son he could again live here and his care of his daughter could be overseen by us to make sure he keeps her safe. It is an option should CS (and my son) wish to take it.
I am hoping, that now it has got to this stage that both parents will see the seriousness of the situation and begin to work with CS, rather than against them.
At the FGC it was said that if, longer term the child could not stay with either parent, they would be looking towards adoption, either within the family or outside.

Again, thank you for your advice,
i will let you know what happens next.

Nanny G

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