Child In Need

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Child In Need

Post by millie » Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:30 pm

Hi I have posted several posts on this site about our dilemma, but to cut a long story short. My husband and myself have a interim residence order for our granddaughter and a interim care order for our grandson. We are just being assessed for a Sgo. My daughter my grandchildren s mum has just had another baby. We were approached to see if we would also care for this baby. Unfortunatly we thought it was unrealistic at the moment so there was a court hearing yesterday and the baby was placed into foster care.
The LA have rang me today and said I need to go to a contact meeting that has been arranged for the baby, because the 2 children in my care need to get a bond with their brother.
She also then said that she's going to arrange a child in need meeting for our grandaughter. I asked what ibe was and she basically said that she feels that she's got lost in these proceedings , not by myself but by the LA and that its a meeting very similar to the placement meeting we have about our grandson.
I was told it would be myself, mum, the school and school nurse that would be attending.
Is this anything to worry about or is this normal. I just think its strange to get a call after court yester day

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Re: Child In Need

Post by David Roth » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:26 pm

What the social worker probably means is that there is a statutory basis for them to assess the support needs of, and provide the support to, children who are looked after or under a SGO, but there is no provision in the legislation for them to do this for a child under a Residence Order. They have the power to pay a RO allowance, but there is no mention of providing other types of support to RO placements.

This could mean that the new baby, and the grandson who is with you are both having full assessments of what types of support they need, and are going to need, but there is no basis for giving this sort of consideration to your granddaughter's needs. 'Child in need' status provides one basis for this sort of assessment of need. Children can be judged to be 'children in need' if they are disabled, or if they need some extra support in order to ensure they maintain their development. There is no implication of poor parenting on your part, it sounds as if it is just a device for ensuring that when the other children's needs for support are being assessed, she won't miss out.
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