Advice Needed - Please.

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Advice Needed - Please.

Post by Anna » Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:16 am

A sibling of mine has had some very nasty allegations made to Social Services by his ex wife (divorce proceedings are currently under way). The allegations are largely "fabricated" as a means to prevent my sibling from having access to visit their son, where there has been any substance to the allegations (alcohol related behaviour), my sibling has addressed these by seeking counselling and not drinking alcohol for 24 hours prior to arranged contact or while in the company of children. Over the last 3 months the allegations have become increasingly salacious and are now such that she's is (to all intents and purposes) accusing my sibling of be a paedophile. None of her actions are driven by the best interests of their son and if anything they are extremely damaging to a small child. His ex wife has been married 3 times prior to marrying my sibling and has two daughters by two of her previous three husbands. I understand that her oldest daughter has little or no relationship with her father and her mother was integral to the breakdown of their relationship. My sibling was interviewed by Social Services at the end of November 2012 and was told by the case worker that she wished the court to decide the access arrangements for their son, he has had no written communication as to the status of a child services investigation. A court date has been set for next week to and his ex wife has submitted a C!A which says that there is a section 47 enquiry in progress, which my sibling (the accused in this case) has no knowledge of. Please would someone be able to advise me of we can find out what the current situation is with Social Services? Many thanks, Anna

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Re: Advice Needed - Please.

Post by David Roth » Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:57 pm

Hi Anna

This sounds like a very distressing situation. Unfortunately, the discussion should be on one of our other discussion forums - this one is exclusively for family and friends carers, that is to say people like grandparents or older siblings who are actually raising a child in place of their parents.

Can I suggest that you follow this link, and then paste your post onto the Parents Discussion Board:

I wish you and your sibling good luck in sorting this out in the best way possible for the children.
David Roth
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