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Re: New user - case conference

Postby sasha » Fri May 16, 2014 2:18 am

Hello David,
You have a very good memory. Yes my health has improved but sadly my husbands continue to decline. That is to be expected, although sad.
I do have a little good news in that with effort, I managed to collect my letterbox letter on Wednesday from the LA office :) It is identical to my daughters letter but I expected that. It is almost written like a childrens story, so predictable but I mustn't complain, at least they wrote. They say they intend to tell my Grandson of his birth family in time, but time will tell.

On the point of meeting the adopters, who would I need to approach for that to be considered? If you say the SW, then I don't think that will be passed on. However, if the person responsible for finding the family has any say in the matter I would feel more confident of any response being the truth, if you follow my drift? Same for the later-life letter, don't trust the SW to keep on file. I would certainly consider it if I could trust someone but the way they have handled this and many other cases I don't hold out much hope sadly.

The adopters have applied to the courts for the formal adoption hearing and we have a date to attend (if my daughter chooses to) in a few months. I'm guessing they concentrated on this matter before our letterbox.

I am aware of the adoption contact register and will be leaving my details there.

Just a thought, if someone has not been party to proceedings what action might be taken against them if they were to ruffle a few feathers in the system, government, media etc? Would they lose their letterbox contact or would there be more serious consequences?

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Re: New user - case conference

Postby ied53 » Fri May 16, 2014 9:48 am

I should imagine the crime of feather ruffling would be the same as if you were a party anything in the court area cannot be disclosed. It could also bring concerns for where the information came from. Be very careful
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