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Panel date

Postby Devotedgrandma » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:20 pm

Can anyone help,, Social services have increased our contact with grandson to everyday and weekends then sleeping next weekend, Foster carer has told him he's coming to sleep here and has started sending few of his clothes and toys., however we are at Fostering panel next week, could they say no still eventhough assessment was positive and SS, legal people, grandsons legal guardian, psychologist all say he should be with us. I'm scared what will happen, any advice

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Re: Panel date

Postby ied53 » Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:58 am

At this stage it is highly unlikely they would say no. Indeed the CS are proving their confidence in you by allowing the increased contact and stays before. On the day they will be in with the panel first in private. The panel will have already read the files. The SW will present you in a positive light as will the assessor if asked to be there. The panel will ask you a few questions. They will want to know you have thought of the future as well as now .Like " we want the child to have opportunity to be free to choose" " we want the child to achieve the best they can = not necessarily be the best but be able to achieve more" " we will go to play groups ( not sure how old child is ) . Join clubs to interact with others children" " we will answer the child's questions honestly in an age appropriate manner". We will follow the guidance from sw to promote contact with the parents ( if allowed contact) " " we will seek help and support if it is needed"

none of us are experts in caring for emotionally , physically , mentally damaged children as the carers / guardians of these beautiful children we do the best we can often learning as we go on. Either from experts or peers. No "parent" is trained for the role we often draw from our own childhood either do similar or totally opposite !!

Places for support CS as a foster child that is the first port of call. Health visitor if pre school, school nurse, GP . Family = if you are lucky enough for their support Good friends for moral support
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