Can not support application

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Can not support application

Post by CarCiKoTab » Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:36 am

I hope I have posted this in the right place.

I have recently gone through all of the assessment process for a SGO now, our report is glowing there is no concern with our parenting, we don't have any criminal records and our medical check is fine but, I have a history of depression although I haven't had an episode for nearly 4 years.

The last time I had an episode I had our local crisis team involved. The assessor phoned them up to find out more about that time, she was told I had been diagnosed with Recurrent Depression Disorder and there is a 25% chance I will get it again. This is the first time I had been made aware of this diagnosis as I was under the impression it was post-natal depression as It was the second time I'd suffered with it and coincidently it was after I had a child.

Now due to this diagnosis she then told me she couldn't support my application and therefore the chances of me obtaining a SGO is very slim. Now what I want to know, is this valid really grounds for not supporting my application for the SGO? I want to appeal this decision as I feel as if I have been misdiagnosed and they are looking at placing the children with their bio-logical father, who has a history of violence and aggressive behaviour and before all of this happened the children's bio-logical mother had a residence order in place as, the bio-logical father would often take the children without permission and refuse to give them back.

This whole thing just seems ridiculous! My partner and I have a good stable environment and yet their father, who has a history of DV and didn't undergo the same investigation as we did has a better chance than we do, I don't understand the system at all. Another thing when I phoned up the children's services they had no idea who I was or that I had been assessed for a SGO even though the report had been completed.

Any advice appreciated, thank you in advance!

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