Goodbye ...

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David Roth
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Goodbye ...

Postby David Roth » Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:55 pm

I would just like to announce to all who read and use this forum that I am about to move on from my job at FRG. However, my colleague Suzie will continue to moderate and post advice on this forum.

I have been working as Policy Adviser, Family and Friends Care for eight and a half years at FRG, and I have been posting on this forum for most of this time. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions here during this time. FRG has always tried to represent the real concerns of family and friends carers when we have been lobbying government and advocating for legal and policy changes - your posts here have helped us to do that. It has also been really heartening that this forum has been able to provide a place where family and friends carers can get advice from professional advisers, but also benefit from the knowledge and advice of carers who have been through similar experiences before them.

One of the things I will be going on to do is a masters degree in social research, and my dissertation next year will almost certainly involve family and friends care in some way. Returning to academia in your fifties is certainly an interesting and stimulating experience!

My very best wishes to everyone.
David Roth
FRG Policy Adviser

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Robin D
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Re: Goodbye ...

Postby Robin D » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:14 pm

What a loss to FRG.

David,I wish you well in your new ventures. Going back to study for a masters is a brave decision, but I'm certain you will enjoy and benefit from the experience.

Many thanks for your personal support over the years. You are a real gent. Thank you.

Best wishes .... Robin
Former F&F carer, foster carer, adopter and respite carer for umpteen children. Now retired and when with kids, making sure they 'go home' at the end of the day.

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Re: Goodbye ...

Postby David » Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:44 pm

As Robin says, you will be a great loss to FRG. Thanks for the real differences you have made to many children's lives; I hope returning to study doesn't come too hard, and very best wishes for the future.
David - grandparent carer with Residence Order (now Child Arrangement Order)

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