Grandchildren being removed as Foster Panel not yet approved us

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Grandchildren being removed as Foster Panel not yet approved us

Postby joisthebiz » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:33 am


I have tried to ring the help line but not been able to get through.
I am really worried that my grandchildren will be fostered with other carers as we don't yet have panel approval.

We have attended the Foster Panel twice, in April & June.
The first time our SSW was off sick, her Team manager & the children's SW attended but the assessment report wasn't finished. an 8 week extension was granted.
The second time, the SSW & Team manager were off sick, Children's SW has left but her Team manager was available to dial in. The panel could not make a decision in those circumstances.

We have now been told by childrens SW team manger that there have been concerns raised from the first panel meeting that have not been addressed by the SSW so they are not sure that they will approve us currently.

The final care plan needs to be filed by this Thursday so SS are currently saying that they will have to place children with alternative foster carers as we have refused an SGO.
They have said that they may be able to push hearing back but are not sure whether the situation will be any different in a month.

I have asked if we can have some legal advice funded as we used our previous allowance to explore sgo support plan etc but am waiting to hear.

How can they take the children, who are doing really well with us according to all the professionals that have contact with them, when it's their fault that we haven't had a panel decision?

I'm not sure whether we can fight this or how to fight it.

Please advise.

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