SGO 8 years, contact rules possibly changed?

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SGO 8 years, contact rules possibly changed?

Postby jillybee40 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:52 am

Hi I'm a little confused. I have Special Guardianship and have had for 8 years for my 9 year old Neice. Her Bio Father has always had contact but supervised by me or my husband with no problems.
Her Father has been in contact with Childrens Services asking for contact to take her out to places with a friend of his or relative of his choosing. Childrens Services have said there are no records of anything against the Dad or any reasons why he can't take her out but ultimately the decision is mine and my husbands.
This last part is where I'm confused as..

The initital concern was of an allegation from years back of an adult step daughter that in her teens he had kissed her innapropriately. This resulted in my Neice being taken and put into my care, we got the guardianship with Court and Fathers permission and we were advised he could have supervised contact. Nothing further was said about the allegations as the step daughter wouldn't officially make a statement or wanted anything further to do with it.
I would have thought it would have been well documented that she should be supervised and why. Does it mean they would now allow her unsupervised or is it all just down to me and my husband to carry out their original decisions or new ones?

I don't have concerns over the Father to take her places, but would ask to keep to public places and with someone I trust to be with him. In saying all this I don't want to put a foot wrong by my Neice and will stick to rules.

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Re: SGO 8 years, contact rules possibly changed?

Postby ied53 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:07 pm

You are the special Guardian your decision personally I am sensing you are reluctant to allow unsupervised contact. I also feel you should choose any supervisor or continue yourself.. The children's services cannot make that decision neither would they have the files to hand or discuss them. Just because he said it does not make it true. I feel certain they would have told him " we are no longer involved " if he ever contacted them at all.
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Re: SGO 8 years, contact rules possibly changed?

Postby Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:55 am

Dear Jillybee40,

Welcome to the friends and family forum. I am sorry for the delay in responding to your post.

Irene has quite correctly pointed out that you have the enhanced parental responsibility of a special guardianship order which allows you to make all the decisions about your niece’s contact with her father.

As father wants unsupervised contact, he has asked for an assessment from children services. He could also make an application to court for a child arrangements order for contact. But whether he gets anywhere will depend on the outcome of an appropriate assessment.

The crux of the matter is whether dad is now safe to have unsupervised contact or whether the supervisor he is suggesting has been assessed by children services and understands dads risk to your niece so can protect her.

Dad was accused of sexual abuse and your niece was removed by children services because she was at risk from him.

How has dad’s risk to your niece reduced? Has he admitted the sexual abuse and completed courses and support and been re- assessed?

I am surprised that the social worker is saying there has been no incidents, so his risk has gone down. The other child was a teenager when he kissed her inappropriately. So there may be an argument that his risk could be increasing.

So I agree with you, you need to know his risk has gone down because he has been properly assessed by a specialist in sexual abuse (and completed courses). I imagine there will also need to be self-protection work with your niece so she can know what sexual abuse is and what isn’t. Often schools run these courses.

You could contact the Just stop it now! helpline on 0808 100 900. They advise families about sexual abuse and what specialist assessments and support is available.
There is helpful information on the Parents Protect website .

I hope this advice helps but if you have any questions please post back.

Best wishes,


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