My daughter has been 'abducted'...

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My daughter has been 'abducted'...

Post by RazorClam » Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:35 pm

Hi all,

Forgive the initial title because I'm aware that a mother cannot actually 'abduct' a child. However, my daughteris missing. My ex partner took my daughter from her home and has not made any contact since. I have no idea where they are or who they are with. I have taken many steps to get help but so far I'm getting nowhere.

My ex partner (of 18 years) collected my daughter from me on Sunday 20th September. I located her mobile phone on Tuesday in a strange location so I asked where she was. I have not seen her since.

Police. I went to police who did a 'welfare check' at he last location I had tracked. They advised they had 'no concerns' but were unable to give me any other details. Their advise was to go to see a solicitor.

Solicitor. We can do anything without as address.

Back to police. We cant tell you where she is. Go see a solicitor.

I now find out my daughters school has been changed and I have no idea where or who she is with. How is this fair on the father? I'm so worried and stressed but it seems no one can help!!

What can I do? CAB, CAFCASS, CORAM - None of them can help. School can't help. Even the mail redirection service she set up wont tell me where they are!

Any ideas before I have to go looking with a private detective???

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